The Benefits Of Homework: What Do Experts Think?

Homework has a number of benefits students may not agree with. Even though the concept has been around for years there are experts who are split on the situation. Some feel it is helpful as far as helping students practice skill development. Others feel it is a distraction for students who want to participate in other activities such as afterschool programs, sports or even a part-time job. While there continues to be a debate on the issue, here is some insight to consider from an expert point of view about academic assignments completed at home.

Assignments Completed at Home Offer More Practice

School assignments help students develop useful skills. While new lessons are learned in class it also gives parents an idea of what their child is learning while in school. Some lessons take additional practice that can be done at home. Some students study more effectively when completing assignments in their own space. Practice gained helps improve understanding of the subject matter and students are more likely to pass tests and/or exams. Assignments completed at home also allow students to work at their own pace.

Home Assignments Keep Students Productive

When you have assignments to complete at home it keeps students productive and gives them responsibility. There are students that admit they like doing school assignments at home because they don’t mind the extra practice. Others say it is a good way to get away from hectic chaos at home. Some assignments are not that bad. There are assignments that can include reading interesting stories, but others may not like the idea of writing a paper about them. These assignments still offer good practice for reading and writing. Some assignments also let students conduct research with the internet.

Why Some Experts Are Rethinking the Concept

There are benefits to homework students may not like, but that doesn’t mean experts don’t feel the same way. Some agree such assignments are a good thing to encourage work ethic and structure. Others agree with students and say such work is a waste of time. There are school districts that do not assign work to students to complete at home. This is an ongoing debate since more schools are considering the same action. While there are students who benefit academically from such work, others wonder if the benefits were taken prematurely from students who no longer are required to complete such work.