Is Homework Harmful Or Helpful: The True Answer

There are many arguments as to whether or not homework is beneficial for students, or whether or not it can actually act as a disadvantage. Generally, most schools subscribe to the idea that setting students additional work to do outside lesson times is beneficial. Therefore, it can be relatively difficult to draw any logical comparisons, as so few schools are willing to abandon a homework policy.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of different arguments that can be made, so as to determine whether or not the work can be harmful or helpful. Some discussion points have been outlined below.

The pressure of school life

One of the key arguments is that schools already put students under a great deal of pressure, as a result of all the studying that needs to be done for exams and other things and, therefore, and the extra pressure is unhelpful.

In fact, the stress or any additional work may make it harder for children to learn. Furthermore, when students are tired, they will learn very little. In fact, there is a good argument to suggest that students will be far more productive if they actually have less work to do and, therefore, will learn more.

Doing extra work helps reinforce what children have learned

Of course, there are arguments to suggest that additional work is actually beneficial. For example, repetition is a great way of learning things and, therefore, for students to repeat what you have learned during class time, whilst doing the work at home, helps to ensure that they remember what they have learned.

Assessing children

Teachers can only spend a relatively limited amount of time with each child in the classroom. Therefore, it can be difficult to provide enough attention so as to identify a child’s strengths and weaknesses. In fact, some students will be relatively shy, and it can be very difficult to accurately assess them, without the use of additional work. Of course, this work could be done during normal lessons; however, that is very much a waste of the teacher’s time, which can be better used educating children in other ways.

Ultimately, setting students assignments and other work to do outside of the classroom is a great way of identify their strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, teachers are able to ensure that individuals get the help that they need in order to learn as much as possible.