In Quest Of Correct Physics Homework Answers – Helpful Advice

Studying physics isn’t easy, especially when it comes to doing physics homework. Many students confess they often feel helpless and clueless when working on their physics assignments, and fail to solve certain problems. Others complain that whenever they seem to find the solution, it always turns to be wrong. Thus, they are forced to face the choice whether to search for help or just to give up on it.

Finding the Homework Answers Online

Of course, the easiest source of answers to nearly everything is the web. However, there are no guarantees that what you find will be the right solution. Most websites don’t take responsibility for the veracity of the information you can find there. However, if you find the same answer on more than one online resource, and if at least one of these resources seems reliable, it’s a good sign for you.

An online source can be considered reliable, if:

  • It’s a website of a certain school, college or university.
  • It’s a website ending with “.edu”.
  • An educational website recommends using this source.

Even if you fail to find the answers to your assignment, you can go to a physic geeks’ forum and ask its members to help you with your homework. Some of them can even explain everything to you, not just give you the answer. Though there are still no guarantees: anyone can make mistakes, and you can’t be sure that the answers they give you are unflawed.

Other Ways to Get the Answers

However, the Internet is not the only place to look for correct answers. Here are some options you can consider apart from surfing the web:

  • Find a book with physics problems solutions.
  • There are schoolbooks with keys to most home assignments, and there are special books with physics problems and solutions. Such books were designed to help students deal with their home tasks and/or get ready to tests and exams.

  • Ask your friends for help.
  • If you know someone who is a physics geek, you can ask him or her to help you out. Of course, try to not just copy the answer but to ask questions and understand the material.

  • Ask your teacher for a hint.
  • Teacher won’t help you with your homework. However, they sometimes can give you a hint how to solve this or that particular problem; and they usually don’t mind explaining the material once more if something is not clear.