Expert Tips On How To Deal With Elementary Homework Assignments

In today’s rigorous academic field, it is a given that children of all ages will be given homework. The time to establish good homework habits is when children are young. These habits can be used later no matter what age a person might be. Use our six expert tips on how to deal with elementary homework assignments.

  1. Use folders-use a color folder system for different subjects in order to help your young one stay organized. Simply select a different color for each of his or her different subjects.
  2. The kitchen table-I never recommend the kitchen table as a work spot for older children, but it a perfect place for the younger ones. You can keep an eye on your child as he or she works, to make sure the child stays focused. You are also nearby if the child needs you. Try not to sit beside the child the entire time, you to want to foster a sense of dependency in him or her.
  3. Know your child’s teacher-you should be recognizable to your child’s teacher. In the elementary years, you want to keep up a steady flow of contact with the teacher.
  4. Down time-with the younger students it is important they have at least a thirty minute play or down time before they begin to do the nightly work. The child has to be able to release his or her energy.
  5. There will be tears-there will be nights when there are tears. You, as the parent, must decide if the tears warrant a no-night work, or if the tears seem to be a pattern that occurs when the child has work. Watch your child to see how much he or she can handle, then you will know how often to implement breaks into the work time.
  6. Materials-make sure to purchase all the materials the teachers ask for at the beginning of the year. It can really interrupt a work session when you have to go to the store to buy construction or graph paper.

As you seek to help your child have success with his or her early childhood assignments, follow our six tips. You should use folders,have the child work at the kitchen table, know your child’s teacher, use down time, know that there will be tears, and make sure to have all the necessary materials and supplies.